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VS265LS Wafer-Thin Sheer Grill, In-Wall Speaker (single).

The 265-LS features Polk Audio's exclusive wafer-thin Sheer-Grille, a magnetically-secured metal grille that protrudes only 7mm from its surroundings. The Sheer-Grille is paintable The Sheer-Grille has nearly transparent, ultra-small perforations, and is acoustically inert, for dynamic, unimpeded sound and more uniform coverage, even in larger rooms.
  • Designed Specifically For High-End Installations : available to the discerning consumer.
  • Perfect-Fit Template : for one-cut drop-in simplicity.
  • Secure, Vibration-Free Installation : with the patented Rotating Cam system. (Pre-construction brackets are available.)
  • New Design Minimal-Flange Grilles Are Utterly Invisible : smoothly flush-fit and acoustically inert for wide dispersion and uniform soundcoverage even in larger rooms. (NOTE: Grilles are metal, so high-moisture installation locations are not recommended.)
  • Composite Driver Basket Is Lightweight And Strong : to keep moving parts in rigid alignment and damp performance-robbing resonance.
  • Patented Polk Technologies For Superior Audiophile Sound Quality:
  • Lightweight Dynamic Balance Aerated Polypropylene Cones : (20% lighter than conventional polypropylene and 35% lighter than aluminum) for spectacular midrange clarity, punchy bass and high efficiency.
  • Ultra-High Performance Ring Radiator Tweeters : with 15° swivel for direct high frequency control and excellent imaging even for off-axis listening positions.
  • Klippel Distortion Optimization : for perfect motor structure, voice coil alignment and suspension, delivering the best possible performance at any volume level.
  • Timbre-Matched To Polk Audio’s Ultra High Performance LSi Series : loudspeakers, so it’s easy to build a combined traditional speaker and invisible in-wall/in-ceiling system with confidence.
  • Superior Audio Customization : capabilities allow you to tweak for perfect sound in virtually any installation location
  • Tweeter Level Switch : doesn’t merely reduce the high frequencies (like other in-walls); it allows you to “notch out” the frequency range from 3500 Hz-6000 Hz where room acoustics and some recordings can be harsh sounding. We leave intact the last octave over 10 kHz where the nuance and emotion of the music and movies are conveyed.
  • Wall Distance Toggle Switch : provides maximum placement flexibility without performance loss by tailoring the frequency response for an installation placement near a corner or adjacent wall. Like the Tweeter Level Switch, it “notches out” the range from 80 Hz-150 Hz in the mid bass where adjacent wall or ceiling reflections can add “boominess” or exaggeration while leaving the deep bass response intact.
Dimensions 225mm [W] x 90mm [D] x 530mm [H]
Net Weight 3681g
Gross Weight 4854g
Product Code: PO-VS265LS
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