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MuxLab MN500022 - CCTV Pass-Thru Balun

SKU: ML-BL-1022
The CCTV Pass-Thru Balun (500022) allows video, remote power and 2-wire PTZ control signals to be transmitted via one 4-pair Cat5e/6 cable, thus eliminating the need to install multiple cables for more efficient cabling. 
  • Combines video, PTZ control and remote power under one 4-pair Cat5 cable for more efficient cabling
  • Video up to 670m (2,200ft) via Cat5 UTP - shorter distances may result with certain models of DVR
  • Remote power up to 106m (350ft) @ 24VAC/5VA via two twisted pairs
Dimensions 25mm [W] x 47mm [D] x 203mm [H]
Net Weight 57g
Gross Weight 57g
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Product Code: ML-BL-1022
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