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MuxLab 500030 - Stereo PC Audio Balun

SKU: ML-500030
The Stereo PC-Audio Balun allows unbalanced line level stereo analogue audio to be transmitted via Category 5/6 unshielded copper twisted pair (UTP) in a point-to-point connection.
The product is designed for audio equipment equipped with 3.5mm line-level stereo output such as PC sound cards, laptops and multi-media servers where midrange audio frequency response is required.

The Stereo PC-Audio Balun also works in conjunction with other MuxLab products such as the 500019, 500001, 500012, 500017, 500027, 500028 and 500200 for a more complete cabling solution.
  • Cost-efficient cabling
  • Up to 5,000 ft (1.5km) via Cat 5/6 UTP
  • Built-in 3.5mm stereo plug lead
  • Eliminate additional adaptors
  • Compact design
Dimensions 25mm [W] x 25mm [D] x 200mm [H]
Net Weight 28g
Gross Weight 50g
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Product Code: ML-500030
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